Stone Town


A fascinating blend of Swahili, Arab, Persian, Indian, and European influences, reflected in its narrow winding streets, bustling markets, and historic buildings.
About Stone Town

Stone Town, situated on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, is a historic and culturally rich town that offers visitors a glimpse into its fascinating past and unique heritage.

The town’s architecture reflects a blend of Swahili, Arab, Persian, Indian, and European influences, with intricately carved wooden doors, ornate balconies, and narrow winding alleyways that transport visitors back in time. Exploring Stone Town’s labyrinthine streets reveals bustling markets selling spices, crafts, and fresh produce, as well as historic landmarks such as the Old Fort and the House of Wonders.

A key attraction in Stone Town is the Sultan’s Palace Museum (Beit el-Sahel), where visitors can learn about Zanzibar’s royal history and view artifacts from the era of the Sultanate.

The town also boasts vibrant waterfront areas, including Forodhani Gardens, known for its nightly food market offering delicious local seafood and street food delicacies. Additionally, a visit to the Old Slave Market site provides insight into Zanzibar’s complex history of slavery and abolition.

Stone Town’s cultural diversity is celebrated through its cuisine, with numerous restaurants serving authentic Swahili dishes infused with spices from the island’s spice plantations. Visitors can also take guided walking tours to learn about the town’s history, visit historic sites, and interact with friendly locals.

Whether wandering through its historic streets, exploring its museums, or enjoying sunset views along the waterfront, Stone Town offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and sensory experiences that make it a must-visit destination in Zanzibar.


The best time to visit Stone Town is during the dry season, which generally spans from June to October. This period offers pleasant weather with lower humidity and minimal rainfall, making it ideal for exploring the town’s historic streets and outdoor attractions comfortably. Additionally, the months of July to September are considered peak tourist season in Zanzibar, offering a lively atmosphere with various cultural events, festivals, and activities to enjoy in and around Stone Town.

Fun facts about Stone Town

The town’s narrow winding streets are a maze of alleys and passageways, leading to hidden treasures such as spice markets, historic landmarks, and traditional courtyard houses.
Stone Town is dotted with beautifully preserved historic buildings, including the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, and the Sultan’s Palace (now a museum), offering insights into Zanzibar’s rich history and royal heritage.
One of the most distinctive features of Stone Town is its ornately carved wooden doors, each with unique designs and symbols that reflect the status and heritage of the building’s occupants.
Stone Town is home to several museums, including the Palace Museum, the Freddie Mercury House Museum (dedicated to the famous musician who was born in Zanzibar), and the Zanzibar Coffee House Museum.